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at the university of maryland presented it at a conference in philadelphia the reverend jesse jackson referred to us as warm spit. that was the first thing. we had to accept the political context so the press would say these guys have a purpose. and admit it a lot harder when the reality was on the table were the party regulators to say all do is tinkering here. and the second thing was we layed out our own philosophy. it was called the new orleans declaration. you can see my boat on thomas creak and it is called the new orleans declaration as well. it was a very simple 20 sentence document that said what we believed. we believed that the promise of america was equal opportunity not equal outcomes. private sector growth is important for "the new democrats and the return to power" and was the key to opportunity. on and on about you know people having an obligation to give something back to the country. a whole set of principles. 20 years later at hyde park president clinton said the new orleans declaration was the key to his success because it gave him a platform to everything we did and tied everyth
hikes. philadelphia fed president thinks it's time for the fed to move. >> i just think we're running a very risky policy, if you will, given where the stance of the economy is and seems to be going. i would prefer to raise rates sooner and raising them more gradually but the longer we wait, the more risk as us having to raise rates quickly in response to a stronger economy and perhaps more inflation. >> reporter: john williams says if the economy improves faster than the fed forecast, he would see rates rising sooner but knowing what he knows now, he thinks the consensus of july 2015 is right. >> i think that thinking around summer of 2015 for the first rate hike is a reasonable guess given where we think the economy is going and, you know, how much progress we're making towards our goals but again, it depends on the data. if the data gets stronger, it would be earlier. it could be later. >> the labor market is the subject of the meeting, other issues on the mind include whether they should raise rates to ward off excessive risk taking in markets, born of zero interest rates, whether
baltimore, philadelphia or washington. so the british disembarked about 9,000 troops. the path to the capital was clear. fear in washington turned to terror. and terror gave way to pandemonium. their possessions were spilling over the sides of the carts and wagons and more precious than jewelry. that's setting what it was like. and so i dislike books that give a dry recitation of effects. these are real people with real emotions reacting to different circumstances. this is what i tried to portray. what happened to the people involved? most of the cloaks were over 45. and, therefore, exempt from the militia. but in the basement of the house of representatives, nearly all of the offices were empty because most of the cloaks were youchk people. only j.t. frost, a newcomer, remained at his desk. he was over 45. so, in this moment of unparalleled crisis, a man is now burdened with the need to make rapid decisions of national importance. that's how history operates around one man. and so nobody was around to advise poor frost. i use this word vandals with care. it's den grating the b
among little leaguers. mo'ne davis and the philadelphia taney dragons versus chicago's ja jackie robinson's west. >> 7-4 chicago. >> you're a confident man. >> i'm confident because the kids are confident. >> reporter: is anyone better than you? >> sorry, but nobody. >> reporter: not philly? >> not philly. >> reporter: coach darrell butler and his son d.j. are chicago's best little league hope in 31 years. >> just have fun with it, okay? >> okay. >> reporter: an all african-american team of 13 boys from chicago's south side. >> seeing what these kids are doing is showing the other side of chicago that you might not hear about. >> reporter: why don't you think baseball is a big deal in the african-american community anymore? >> baseball to me is a sport that fathers pass down to their kids. my father taught me the game. so i teach my son the game. with no fathers in the home, it's kind of hard to teach this game of baseball. >> reporter: just one reason it caught the attention of major leaguer carl crawford. the dodgers outfielder is picking up part of the tab for the team's trip.
ping-pong with a certain first base man for philadelphia phillies. >> the kids are great. it has been an awesome experience, awesome day. >> reporter: subway provided video to us as howard promotes their sandwiches. he says, kids were relaxed and happy loose enough for zion speakerman to challenge howard to the home run derby. >> size me up a little bit and like okay, we will have some conversations. >> reporter: but first here's hoping zion hits some home runs tonight against a tough chicago team. >> we have a great team and unbelievable talent on our team and if they play as well as they can play i think we can beat anybody. >> reporter: win lose or draw they have come a long way already and they are in the done yet. >> i don't think they understand the magnitude that they have been able to accomplish for themselves, and, for the entire city of philadelphia. >> thanks very much, matt. >>> she of course has become a household name, 13 year-old pitching phenom mone davis but for some the taney pitcher is an opportunity to cash in. is that right. coming in 15 minutes todd quinones will
's little leaguerer mone davis, playing for philadelphia. the best itch pitcher on the team she's already thrown a shut out in the little league world series. last night the team took on nevada with 34,000 fans in the stands. many lining up nine hours before she took the mound just to get tickets. it was the highest rated little league telecast ever on espn. mone's team fell short but that hasn't stopped the buzz. this week she was the first little leaguer ever on the national sports illustrated cover. professional athletes are taking notice, too. nba superstar kevin durant tweeted this youngster is striking everybody out and she's a girl. i love it. # it's a new day. major league baseball all star mike trout tweeted mone davis is straight dominating. fun to watch. a baseball reportedly signed by mone popped up on ebay late last week and has sold for just over $500 yesterday. most remarkable about this 13-year-old, with all the recent fame she still handled herself with poise. >> i never thought that at the age of 13 i would be a role model. but now it's real. so always wanted to be a bas
's a chance of some showers and thunderstorms, especially south of philadelphia. so, we expect the temperature to be near 80 degrees by 7:00, just a chance of a shower or thunderstorm and lower chances as we get toward 11. for the little league world series, also the chance of some showers, especially near the beginning. talk more about the timing of the rain for tomorrow and if it's gonna clear for the weekend with the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> see you then, glenn. you can track tonight's rain and plan ahead for tomorrow with our nbc 10 first alert weather app, download it, it's free, on you can get interactive radar and an hour by hour forecast right on your smartphone or tablet. >>> other news tonight, nbc 10 has learned the 5-year-old girl who was abducted from her philadelphia school and assaulted will take the stand to testify against the woman accused of kidnapping her. today in court, prosecutors told the judge they mapped tooty throw he deuce new key evidence when that trial get he is under way monday. >> trying to prove christina regusters act aid loan. lu ann ca
and that they play well, and most of all they make the whole city of philadelphia proud. >> and as one taney player put it this week, we are already champions, we are just trying to get a couple more wins. they'll get the chance tonight at 7:30. >> thank you chad. we'll have live coverage following tonight's crucial game and chad will have all the highlights tonight on "action news" at 11:00. this is a live picture of lincoln financial field from sky 6, in less than an hour and a half. the eagles will play their third preseason game and the first game at the linc this year, eagles-steelers tonight what can we expect from this contest. >> chip kelly is expecting the starter to go this half tonight, all eyes are on the quarterback nick follows. >> this game is all about getting these guys comfortable and the first team offense is not exactly that, they are not comfortable, they only yielded one touch down in seven drives, and nick foles has been without his weapons, its the first game where jeremy maclin and reilly cooper are on the field. they have not even practiced together as a group. >> this is
are mainly just north and just southwest of the philadelphia area. one severe thunderstorm warning in the northeast corner of maryland in effect until 6:15 p.m. over the city of abington on 95. in between about baltimore and wilmington so if you're about to drive south from philly or wilmington you are going to hit that storm which is moving southeast ward and actually going to impact central and southern delaware within the next hour if it holds together. fox future cast showing you showers and storms start to move through the philadelphia area between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. best chance for the heavy rain is going to be south of philadelphia across portions of delaware and maybe south jersey and this could carry over into late tonight showers along the shore by day break on friday. so for tonight, 70 in the city. 63 in the burbs. scattered thunderstorms. much more on the rain chances and a look at the weekend still to come. >> iain and lucy. >> a lot to tack about. thanks caitlin a lot to talk about right now. taney dragons going through last minute preparations before caking the fiel
chocÓ de frente contra una ambulancia en el norte de philadelphia. el accidente ocurriÓ esta maÑana justo despuÉs de la 1:30 cerca de la intersecciÓn... el conductor viajaba en direcciÓn norte cuando un auto cruzÓ los carriles en direcciÓn sur y chocÓ la ambulancia. el vehÍculo fue visto por Última vez en direcciÓn hacia el puente. o fuentes indicaron que se espera que el pequeÑo se recupere de las heridas sufridas. cualquier persona con informaciÓn sobre este incidente debe comunicarse con las autoridades locales. oficiales del departamento de educaciÓn de camden anunciar un detalle su prueba piloto para mejorar la seguridad de las escuelas de la ciudad. el plan incluye las instalaciones de cÁmaras de vigilancia en las escuelas de la ciudad. aÚn asÍ padres y estudiantes no estÁn confiados de que la iniciativa frene la problemÁtica. >> ¿ tienes miedo portuguesa? >> sÍ, la verdad si. >> ¿por quÉ? >> porque el ciclo pasado, a mi hija la agarraron... >> jenny garcÍa no confía que su hija de 11 aÑos de edad este seguro en su aula de clase, es el sentido de
is paid for. and then there's a nice little nugget in there. this is philadelphia area manufacturing shocking numbers of the modifications that have occurred because of the orbiter at end 18% are employing fewer workers. 29% say that they will charge the customers more money and only half of these guys have made changes to their health care plans kerry is office went out to huge hurting for people who work with these companies. and so this is shocking stuff. it didn't change much, and you have a few more covered, a few less covered and here's the good thing. your premium is 80% but go higher. 65% higher, are you covered? 41% last and of course network, 27% less. this is your worst-case scenario. it's so funny because you talk about real wages and how far money goes and it's crazy. so let's talk about this with the pros. those numbers are astounding, when you think the impact on the economy will be? >> i think it's going to cost consumers more. 29% said they are detested. and so that hurts people because you're not making a lot of money and this is a downward spiral and it just goes r
county, a few pop-up showers around the philadelphia area, those died down. sussex county, see feather near george town, pop-up heavy showers here. these are fairly small, not really moving too much. another shower or thunderstorm dublin, not moving either. we will keep an eye on this four. go through this afternoon and evening, all the weather off to our west with, it is heading in our direction, but you dying down as quickly as they pop up. as we go through this evening, we could certainly see more pop up as we go through the next several hours fairly quickly. while kell we will keep our eye on the radar for, pop up in a matter of minutes with lightning and storms, hef rain is. check the forecast the rest of the evening, nbc 10 chief meteorologist, glenn "hurricane" schwartz is standing by with that. glenn? >> a lot going on the state of philadelphia, pretty humid out there, there will be some scattered storms around. not everybody is gonna get rained on, it's possible you could get lucky and stay dry, but there's 8:00. that's storm pretty close to philadelphia. so, we certainly can'
aree p a on ad are police say fende, in philadelphia and expected tolay for the seruer w wather t es game tnersarhiis e eas good ecrl ths are ry,ngaen iefter yrn p is thrgh moving sut mle af ws,owov ghtdiction centerng area under i any lightning is dangerous iatterstrmyto tnd oapp.d thund twelhe >ank you.on itemind ht good dowm noa ddpr plooend veice aren an nan l philadenhg thran theut herobbery.o ameof86e wea a mshrtpolathes guy d hoeiusunectin in eif tar th tmey f tthem in the bank because one hides the money in his shirt, the guy hits him and go right for the shirt to take the money, we started looking at the videos in these banks and we retrieved these and went through the hours of video. >> the men sought are driving a silver malibu or a white smaller import. they are targeting the elderly from bustleton to may fair. police really need the public's help in identifying these culprits. if you recognize the men, are you asked to call 215-686-tips. i'm dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >>> philadelphia police also searching for the teenager that ran into this
moving into our area and a live look at philadelphia international airport shows we've got some darkening skies as we watch for rain that could start falling very soon. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. you may need to keep that umbrella handy into friday commute. >> let's get straight over to meteorologist indicate lip roth. caitlin. >>> good evening, lucy. we do have pockets of thunderstorms that have erupted all over the state within the last couple of hours. mainly along the mountains of central pa tracking southeast ward. where you see a yellow box one north o williamsport that's an active severe thunderstorm warning. we have seen thunderstorm warnings including a tornado warning southwest of harrisburg. at least been the potential for hail on our storm tracks. a couple of isolated cells tracking do you think eastward down to the northeast corn of maryland down through southern delaware little bit of rain that's just it. now it's quiet so far here in philadelphia. don't think we see the storms for at least a couple more hou hours. but just in time for the eagles game k
that is improving. >> it is pretty tough. starving attorney. >> i went to law school in philadelphia so it is tougher up there. we are at the center of government. >> reporter: the hopefuls walk from booth to booth. the crowds are smaller than during the worst years of the national recession. congress woman norton says individual stories are heart warming and heartbreaking. >> what is important about this year is that jobs are beginning to open up and we are seeing for the first time some increase in salaries. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> knocked out cold, walking down the street. >> i guess he came around and just kind of hooked me. >> the concern about a problem that has already been a big problem here in the nation's capitol. >>> american journalist james foleykilled in captivity got his early training here in this washington, d.c. news room. ahead, the >>> los angeles appears to have all of its ducks in a row. a giant inflatable rubber duck sailed in as part of a tall ship weekend. the duck has been around the world. it stands six stories tall and weighs 11
weather later this evening, new in our area especially south and west of philadelphia, you can see that area of rain and thunder, west, now of lancaster county near harrisburg area in york there was a severe thunderstorm warning for that area those storms are drifting to the south and to the east. that batch probably will miss the city of philadelphia, to the south and west, you can see the entire region has been placed in the slight risk for severe weather and that goes through tonight. that means any storm could produce damaging wind rain and also the threat for hail. timing it out on future weather showers and storms move in about 7:00 o'clock tonight. we will see them at anytime even through overnight hours some showers rumble of thunder as you can see off to the south and west and we don't get out of it tomorrow once again tomorrow afternoon start the day with sun but in the afternoon showers and storms, break out again and we will track those cooler temperatures in the wake of these storms as we head into the upcoming weekend. things going downhill just a bit as we watch the
some showers around and showers around the philadelphia area. going to be the night where it doesn't all fall apart at 8, 9:00. 7:00, showers and thunderstorms around the area. and some locally heavy. by 11:00, a chance of a couple showers. farther in the best pennsylvania, things drying out sooner, a chance of showers by 7:00, a lower chance than in philadelphia. and by 10:00, it is mainly dry temperature, 68. i will talk more about the rain we are expecting, not only tonight but tomorrow, the timing of that and the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >>> other news now burn and bandaged, 20 of non-stop news continues with a social media challenge sweeping the internet, not the ice bucket challenge, rather the fire challenge, something firefighters would warn could turn deadly. you have seen the viral videos ploegt als, all in fun and good cause. the fire challenge is far more dangerous, encouraging teens to pour a flammable liquid on their bodies and light themselves on fire. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter, ted greenberg, has been working the story for us. >> local fire departm
own life after tumbling off a glacier, we'll begin with the details of a west philadelphia woman charged with raping and killing a little girl. the trial was suppose to begin today but it was delayed until monday, however the judge released new rulings about some of the more graphic evidence uncovered in all of this, for details can and cannot reveal, we turn to john rawlins who is live today in center city. >> reporter: well, that ruling by the judge came during pretrial motions and we'll get to that in ament. the delay came abouthen the rorr jurors said they not serve pike two morell start on monday >> theytristina agustoagus agustous dressed herslfmuslim d girl. andftr he theyslim clotin x serr ha girls.ant in questioned the yo girl. >> in a re, s withdraw requestt through closetv, if she will testify, she will be in the actual courtroom. live i center city, joh rawlin, channel 6 "action news." >>hank you >>> police inkwn are this is videoromparking ro t a m dess e aet. may tmpayfodrivea osed oe lo ung ud itee he oh, father wa surveillance playing black jack inside of the c
and ceo and owner of the arena football team, the philadelphia soul. marti, how and why did you come up with this idea? >> liz, i want to thank first you and david having you here. david: a pleasure. >> i'm quite excited. i went over there with my company. when i went over there on weekends, there is ping-pong, badminton, soccer, which is a great sport and basketball but there wasn't any football. owner of the soul and with ron. >> wars ski who is very aggressive, ron and i decided, marti, why don't you take american football, indoor football over to china? -- jaw worse ski. i found out that the government was very, very interested in it. they have arenas in every city. they don't have the facilities for the nfl. that is where the nfl got into a little problem exporting that. it is historical, for indoor football. prepared to do it. david: viewers, marti, who might not be familiar with arena football. you live and breathe it. you have for years. half the size of a regular nfl field. >> that's right. david: it is about 50 yards, instead of 100 yards and played a little different way, in
the world. he joins us on a first on cnbc interview as a storm is bearing down with philadelphia fed president charles plosser dplp neither rain nor shine nor sleet nor nothing, kelly. we're going to do this interview with philadelphia fed president charles plosser. we'll try to keep you dry. charlie, the s&p closing at a record high today. is this a cause of concern for you? is this an example of excess in markets point of low interest rates? >> i'm not too concerned about that. our track record of knowing what that happens is not a great one but that's probably the least of my concerns at the moment. >> so whether it comes to the concerns that you do have, inflation, the economy overheating, what are your main concerns? >> my main concerns are that we as as a montaetary policy is no reacting to the data as it changes. we've seen inflation start creeping back up to our goals and we have not really been adjusting the policy in a way that i think is appropriate. >> what is the appropriate policy in your view? >> i think the appropriate policy is -- you and i have talked about this bef
to 2013. a professor of real estate and finance in philadelphia joins us this afternoon. professor, welcome back. good to see you again. >> a pleasure to be here. thank you. >> before we get into the first time homebuyers, there was news that bank of america settlement. bank of america agreeing to pay 17 billion dollars in that settlement with the u.s. government over the bank's role in the sale of mortgage-backed securities in the run-up to the financial crisis. can we draw a line from the effects of the mortgage misconduct outlined i the federal and state officials to the current struggles of first-time homebuyers and others trying to purchase a home? >> there is a line, not a direct line. in thetly, the cautions regulatory environment today respond in part to misconduct that this is in response to. lendinge heightened constraints, particular down payments, which are keeping first-time buyers out of the market. >> about $7 billion announced today will help revive relief to struggling homeowners. what impact will the settlement have on struggling communities and what impact might
but not in the hall of fame. >>> a launch of the philadelphia flame thrower, mean a davis n. the world series. she and her team got roughed up last night by nevada, 8-1, and just yesterday, she made the cover of sports illustrated and they will play in chicago for the world little league championship. i'm morgan bradford. ♪ i had the intuition about the fact that human beings could heal themselves. >> deepak chopra offers insight about coping with fear and anxiety? >> stress is the stress. i like to think of stress like an ocean. if you are a skillful surfer, every wave is joy. >> bringing about optimal health and wellbeing?
-old sensation and her team from philadelphia. the first leader boy or girl to be featured on the cover of sports illustrated. city of chicago is hosting another viewing party. 100 1/5 and morgan st. the winner gets a rematch with vegas on saturday. for the united states championship. we invite you to stay with us. >> coming up next to the security threat. the supreme court makes a decision on dame marriage in virginia. a warning to all pregnant virginia. a warning to all pregnant women. fow reryosiig t h there's nothing like leaving home feeling attractive. challenge! but too many times i feel bloated, gassy, uncomfortable with gurgling. nothing seems to feel right! and yet another pile of clothes on my bed. so i'm taking the activia challenge. eating activia twice a day for four weeks may help reduce the frequency of minor digestive issues like bloating, gas, discomfort and rumbling. when your tummy smiles, things just feel right! join me and take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ dannon! in the wake of high- profile police shooting spree at the dallas police department spent mo
grader took the mound again last night for the philadelphia taney dragons. once again, she was striking ot the boys. here's nbc's katy tur with the big highlights from the game. >> reporter: at the packed stadium last night, all eyes were on a 13-year-old girl with a history-making fastball. >> mo'ne davis. >> reporter: from the cover of "sports illustrated," to round the clock media coverage, this year's tournament has been all about mo'ne. and if she was nervous before gametime, she didn't show it. warming up and signing autographs like a pro. >> go in calm and confident. that's how i'm going to go into the game. >> reporter: right off the bat, a run for las vegas. and mo'ne's confidence clearly shaken. >> take a breath. >> you can just feel the fight in mo'ne davis. still she fought through it. she said she came out here to strike boys out. and 44,000 people, including these guys right here, came out here to see her do just that. in 2 1/2 innings, she struck out six. mo'ne is just the 18th girl to play in the little league world series. back in 1989, nbc featured the first girl to ge
at a warm one in the region, it's humid out there and the current temperature is 80 in philadelphia and as you look at these numbers we'll add 5 or 6 degrees to what you see on the map before you are done and before the clouds get thicker with the storms. when i come back we have more storms in the forecast tore tomorrow but what about the weekend? >> looks forward to that, thank you david. stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new, for the storm tracker radar and hourly forecast and the latest video from our "action news" meteorologist, and photos and videos. >> the taney dragons don't have time for the tough loss last night because they play tonight against chicago. more than 34,000 fans showed up for the dragons game last night. they were clearly rooting for mo'ne davis got nicked for three runs and struck out 6, taney lost 8-1. the manager said he didn't think she was bothered at all by the media attention. >> i don't think so. she is entitled to an off night. i don't want to take away from the vegas kids, that is a real good team, mayb
teammates from the philadelphia taney dragons fell to the squad from nevada 8-1 last night. but davis with her 70-mile-an-hour fastball still struck out six batters. it drew a crowd of 34,000 fans. that's 10,000 more than attended the phillies game yesterday. but phillies aren't having a good season. many in the crowd were curious about the pitching phenom who has just become the first little leaguer to ever grace the cover of "sports illustrated." marisa payne, writer for "the washington post" sports blog with the early lead. thanks for joining us. espn just saying right now pretty much record numbers of people watch mo'ne and her team yesterday. so transitions from people wanting to see her in person to those who flip an the set to espn and watch her play. >> she's a tremendous young lady, i think. the poise that she shows, both on and off the field has been captivating to, you know, sports journalists like myself as well as the general audience, both children, you know, and adults. >> absolutely. to see those little girls we showed earlier with their little signs and they are sayin
weather. taking a live look outside the skyline of center city, philadelphia. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here. glenn. >> you can almost feel it in the skies. feels like summertime and we have summertime showers. just isolated ones right now near the poconos. but the general area, you can see the circulation here. there's a low pressure area back to our west that's going to help trigger some more showers this afternoon. it's getting warmer in the mid to upper 70s, close to 80 degrees despite the clouds a lot of places saw early this morning. now, the future cast shows some scattered showers developing especially during the afternoon and into the evening could be some thunderstorms with gusty winds or even some hail. threat for showers at williamsport as well. things quiet down a little bit late tonight but then we have the threat of more rain coming in tomorrow. so we have a relatively wet period here for a couple of days at least. at noon 81 degrees, going into the 80s with higher humidity. the shower threat increases as we go through the afternoon and peaks early
newspaper in philadelphia you would have a natural monopoly. you had the big printing press and had the trucks to drive the papers around and who else can start something to compete with you and the argument was on the web we would never see that happen. any blogger can start a site. it does not cost a lot to publish and there is tons more content. there is no limitation of space. likewise with radio. there is limitation. if you get a slot on the dial you have an advantage. what you are saying is the competitive advantage is having to come from technology. it is not coming from spectrum, it is not coming from region. it is the ability for editors to make content more quickly. pages loading faster and better data to optimize your site. it is possible to will the great media business but the way that you build competitive advantage is in technology. that is why we have a focus on building technology for news and entertainment. that is why a lot of companies are focused on that as well. >> what is the future role of technology and media? >> you cannot tell a good media company unless y
bench philadelphia's taney dragons and their star, mo'ne davis, now gracing the cover of this week's "sports illustrated." she made history with a pitch perfect game friday. the first shutout by a girl in series history. overnight davis took to the mound again with more than 34,000 fans in the stands. far more than ten major league games played on the same day. even the newly elected mlb commissioner attended the game. >> 1-2. laced into right center. >> reporter: but in the end it was a disappointing loss against las vegas. davis taken off the pitcher's mound early in the game and moved to first base. >> she, you know, didn't have her "a" game today but she's certainly entitled to it. >> reporter: and now strict little league rules say she can't pitch for two full days, which means at tonight's game, we'll only see her at bat or covering the bases. her legions of fans behind her all the way. who are you here to see? >> all: mo'ne! >> so again she can't pitch tonight. those are the rules, but if the taney dragons win tonight's game, they will play saturday night, and you can bet mo
and lightning to the inland empire. >> and it's gone! >> philadelphia phenom mo'ne davis losing against the team from las vegas. >> i think maybe they'll collect themselves and hopefully win. >> u.p.s. says a data breach may have exposed some of its customers' credit and debit card information. >> one of the most bizarre things in los angeles. this ducky making its first west coast appearance. can sharknado be far behind? >> all that -- >> this shocking stunt brought traffic to a halt on the golden gate bridge in san francisco. >> one giant dog breed is known to get along well with kids and here's the proof. >> oh, my goodness. >> -- and all that matters -- >> good news about former buffalo bills quarterback and hall of famer jim kelly. doctors have told him he's now cancer-free. >> thank god this vibrant still young man has the opportunity now hopefully to go on with his life. >> -- on "cbs this morning." >> the nfl wants performers to pay to play the super bowl halftime show. >> i remember last year at the super bowl, a group barely played -- oh that was th
is starting pitcher for philadelphia but lot vacation upped ahead in the first inning and austin laced this trip pole -- triple and then a two run homer was crushed and philadelphia was beat 8-1 advancing to saturday. philadelphia plays elimination against chicago's jackie robinson team on espn. >> you have to root for all of the teams. you know who drew and i will be rooting for. >> chicago jackie robinson's. >> fill. >> philadelphia. philadelphia. all the way. >> a last shot. >> wait. drew is new, you know that, folks? already he is...setting a friend. he is a trail blazer. drew has socks more than anyone has seen. >> you have to find spice in life early on. >> does you steal that from dr. seuss? >> a lot of such behind. -- sunshine. the scan is quiet across the area. we are warming up to 60. 63 in oakland. 59 in nap present is 62. the bay bridge is showing clearing along the east bay but clouds are close to the coast. there is fog but nothing wide-spread and the sun burns off the cloud cover. it is seasonal pattern. a lot of schools are headed back including san jose and mount pleas
illustrated" had an autographed baseball on ebay last night that was up to $500. mo'ne and philadelphia facing las vegas in the little league world series. nevada up 1-0 and there goes cane, two-run shot. >>> davis lasted two and a third as vegas won 8-1. they are on to the u.s. championship game. philadelphia falls into an elimination game. >>> no rain in sight last night at wrigley field for the giants and cubs. they jumped all over edwin jackson, ishakawa into the corner, morris and panek are home. this is third, andrew sue sack opposite field, two-run jack. first home run of the career, they win 8-3. peavey the winner. giants pull within three games. -- within three games of the dodgers now in the national league west. >>> a's starter jeff samardzija had not lost in five home starts since being traded from the cubs. up 2-0 the mets were in the third. lucas duda 3 run jack. samardzija gave up 7 in 3 2/3. not good. a's rally in the 8th, bases juiced, and he gets josh donaldson. so a's lose 8-5 and trail the angels by 1 1/2 games. now, the angels are coming to oakland tomorrow night. they wil
were there? >> alex was having a great time. >> yes, she is really get to go know philadelphia. >> yes. >> and she was wearing green for the eagles, nice. >> fabulous. >> boy my hair color too dark. >> what happened to your face paint? >> bob's big boy called me, wants his hair back. >> it is not, it is beautiful. >> thanks. i would just like to shave my head. hey, could the size of your wedding help determine how successful your wedding will be? weird new study we found. kerrey shall explain it. >> the bigger the wedding the higher a couple's marital quality. why exactly was that? >> yes. >> researchers suggest publicly declaring your commitment. you guys are discusting. publicly declaring your commitment might make couples strive to a little harder to keep t large weddings might also be a sign that you have loved ones to help support your union. >> this study comes from the national marriage project. i do not buy this for a skinny minute. >> i think it is bologna. >> here is the thing, people have big weddings, but i feel like a lot of times if you don't have huge social network, tha
'ne davis, the starting pitcher for philadelphia. the las vegas were ahead first inning and a triple to left center, and davis gave up two more runs in the second and a two run homer was crushed and las vegas beat philadelphia 8-1, advancing to the championship and today philadelphia plays elimination game against chicago at 4:30 on espn. we may have to duke it out. i worked in philadelphia and i am federal mo'ne davis and her team but you are probably going with chicago. >> chicago is an untold story, a great team, playing very well and i have no horse or dog in the fight. >> puppy. cat. squirrel? >> too usually for a metaphor. >> good morning. >> drew is new to viewers but he will be familiar to you in no time at all because of the socks >> i will try to show them off throughout the morning and this morning we are showing off the forms on the coast and warmer temperatures moving inland with live doppler 7 hd showing it is quiet around the bay area and we will show cloud cover along the coast. current temperatures are 59 at half moon bay and vine in san mateo and 63 in oakland and 61 in mou
representing pennsylvania. they're from center city, philadelphia. davis the first girl to ever win a game as a pitcher in the little league world series. pennsylvania trying to give davis some run support early. bottom first with two on. jack rice with a shot but barker makes the catch and davis can't believe it. nevada up 1-0 and jumped on davis in the first inning and then dallon cave with a two-run home run. nevada up 3-0. davis would finish with 55 pitches, 6 strikeouts so eligible to pitch saturday if her team gets that far. brennan holligan with a fly ball. nevada wins it 8-1 in the u.s. championship game. pennsylvania will take on illinois thursday. >>> listen, garrett richards may be the best pitcher who wasn't an all-star. e.r.a. fifth in the a.l. the angels' ace, the angels are just playing -- and, look, richards down against the red sox, and it looks bad. patella injury, knee injury and the angels are calling up two players on thursday, two pitchers. we'll know more thursday. josh hamilton has been awful lately, but he had a pretty good game and drove his first rbi since august
wednesday. many eyes on philadelphia pitcher mo'ne davis. she struck out six batters in just over two innings, but the play of the game? this. a big hit to right field in the first. making the diving catch here. they don't look back. nevada dominates 8-1 advancing to saturday. pennsylvania faces illinois on thursday for a chance to join in in the championship as well. >>> an intense fight breaking outs at buffalo bills training camp. they're on the same team here. this happened during a goal line drill. ryan johnson laying two punches on him before the team intervened. head coach saying he is not a fan of this. >> it hurts the integrity of our game the more we talk about it. that's how i feel about fighting. >> no word on any potential penalties or punishments so far. zimplt the entire tennessee titans team taking the als bucket challenge. former teammate jim sean nominated all of them. he revealed also tuesday he was diagnosed with that disease. michael jordan also taking the challenge. he not only nominated phil jackson and his dream team teammates to take the challenge, but he will
league pitcher from philadelphia was striking out batters from las vegas. >> strike three. >> reporter: nearly 35,000 people were at the ballpark in south williamsport, pennsylvania. many hoping to see a repeat of last friday night when davis's 70-mile-an-hour fastball made her the first player to pitch a shutout. the 13-year-old became an overnight sensation, and wednesday became the first little leaguer, male or female, to be featured on the cover of "sports illustrated." monet's mom says it's been a whirlwind experience. >> i think it's starting to overwhelm her right now. >> reporter: that seemed to show against the powerful las vegas lineup. she allowed three pivotal runs early on. >> all the media attention. all the things she's done. maybe the little lady is tired. >> reporter: in the third inning the coach pulled her from the mound. hoping to save her arm for the next game. the philadelphia taney dragons never made up the difference. the final score was 8-1, but the dragons aren't out yet. if they beat chicago thursday, they'll rematch with las vegas. you can be sure moan she'l
hour and a half, next hour we mitt see them popping into philadelphia. 72 in wilmington, 70 reading. 85 is the high, humid, there's a chance of a spotty thunderstorm, better chance in the afternoon and early evening, not everybody sees them, but where they manage to pop up, they will produce drenching downpours. tomorrow, showers and great for the weekend. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," who will be sitting at the judges' table for "dancing with the stars," they are adding a seat. have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change. ♪ this is going to be the best day of my life. >>> good morning, america. it's 8:00 and the first day back to school like you've never seen from a ch
central tennessee, uprooting trees, damaging homes and knocking down power lines. >>> philadelphia phenom mo'ne davis. >> i think maybe they'll collect themselves and hopefully win. >>> u.p.s. says a data breach may have exposed some of its customer credit and debit card information. >>> one of the most bizarre things in los angeles. this duckie making its first west coast appearance. can shark nato be far behind. >>> they may put this on instagram. this shocking stunt brought traffic to a halt on. >> one giant dog breed is known to get along well with kids. >> all that matters. >>> jim kelly, nfl haller famer, not cancer-free. >> thank god this still-vibrant young man has the opportunity now to go on with his life. >>> on "cbs this morning. ". >> the nfl apparently wants performers to pay to play the super bowl halftime show. >> i remember last year a group barely played -- oh that was the broncos. >>> welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose and gayle king are off and jeff gore is here. >>> we begin with new information on the failed effort to save james fo
and afternoon. for reading, 67 degrees. 69 in philadelphia as you're heading out the door. a little cooler at the atlantic city airport. 64. today we will see temperatures warming to 84 degrees. close to average but cooler conditions on the way. tracy. >> before you ride to work, there's an accident you should know about, jillian mele is watching that. where is it? >> it's 76 and you can see skyforce 10 live over the scene. police have this scene completely blocked off because of that accident ahead. on 76, let's take you out to penndot camera and show you what the highway is looking like. you can see the heavy volume at 76 eastbound. your drive time is almost 30 minutes in both directions between the blue route and the vine. >>> tonight, philadelphia's taney dragons will look to beat back. las vegas beat taney 8-1. tonight, the dragons take on the team from illinois. that team also lost to las vegas. first pitch at 7:30. you can count on nbc10 bring you all the action live from williamsport as the taney dragons take the field in the little league world series. we're back with another loca
street. not very far away from jenny's reporting in north philadelphia. >> this happened right near temple university hospital, matter of fact. the driver of the car is in critical condition, the patient inside the ambulance also injured. minor injuries though. no word on the cause of the accident. we had an ambulance and an accident yesterday morning, during our show. >> the irony of it. philadelphia's favorite little leaguers had big lost last night, i know. >> taylor swift since shake it off, shake it off. >> ♪ >> speaking of haters, i got a tweet from who, kevin -- mike, no. >> this is good stuff right here. >> mikey think our loser. >> i would have a hard time concentrating kerr any that dress. that wasn't what i was looking for. >> that wasn't hater comments. >> think they should check the nevada team for steroids, they're huge, well, they are big. and they're very good. and they dominated our taney dragons eight to one. >> but they're not juicing. >> they're not juicing, unless that's part of your story right now, chris? >> no, no performance end lansing drugs here at the l
forecast in july. meantime, data of our own. 8:30, initial jobless claims. at 10:00, the philadelphia fed business outlook, as well as existing home sales. we got housing data earlier in the week. earnings before the bell, sears less money again. that was last hour. we are also looking for dollar tree. salesforce,ll, gap, there you have it. berkshire start with hathaway, breaking a federal rule. warren buffett's committee did not report buying stock in usg. berkshire hathaway, the largest shareholder in a building's material company. buffett says his company "made a mistake. -- "made a mistake." infineon's biggest purchase ever. and you can call it a cold war fast food style. mcdonald's is ordered to shut down four moscow our let's. -- outlets. mcdonald's came under attack earlier this year when russia was hit with sanctions. that is the latest company news this morning. we also want to bring up another big story we're following, which is bank of america. it may agree to a record settlement over the sale of mortgage bonds in the run-up to the 2008 crisis. $17 billion settlement, we are jo
're playing primarily against philadelphia. the other places columbus is one, phoenix is another, and i don't even remember the other one. >> take us behind the scenes. what happens over the next sort of 12 months as everybody sort of campaigns. how does the campaign work? >> well it started first by visiting barclays center last week. we had 12 or 15 people from the dnc. they came, they toured brooklyn. they toured manhattan. they came over the barclays center and they loved it. i think they were you woulded and wooed. next thing that happens is they visit the other cities. and then there's a process which nobody's that clear about, exactly who decides. is it going to be the prospective candidate possibly? is it the president? is it a dnc? my guess it's a little bit of everybody. and then probably by deuce, january they'll make a decision. >> and the value of the convention coming to both barclays center itself, and the area around it. and i assume more around brooklyn than the impact it would have on anywhere in manhattan. i don't know. is what? >> well i don't know of the exact number. t
fun. we are so happy for cheyney and city of philadelphia. >> reporter: dragons may be down but they are in the out. today they will face chicago in thee limb nation round with the winner going on to play vegas in the championship. >> i think, they are great and they have potential to win it. i'm just saying. >> you can only go forward from here. >> so we're still behind our team, we are in the letting them, give up, they are not giving up, so we are just going to stay behind them. >>> one person is in stable condition and the police investigation is underway. >>> also developing right new police are searching for suspects in connection with two murders just blocks apart in southwest philadelphia. around 11:00 officers respondedded to the 2500 block of south manton street. investigators found a man shot twice in the head in the driver's seat of the jeep when they arrived on the scene. police interviewed witnesses for clues about the the shooter, so far in word on a motive. >>> now less than an hour beforehand and a mile away a teen was shot and killed in the point breeze sec
can call philadelphia north. so many fans went there as they went there tonight everyone deserves a second chance. that's what the dragons have tonight after losing in the little league world series. if the philly hometown team can bounce back, they'll still have a shot at the championship. mo'ne davis gave up the two-run home 34 in the second inning. taney had its chances to come back. they had bases loaded in the fourth. three runners stranded in the fifth. and nevada pitching snuffed out the dragons and taney loses 8-1 last night. >> that's the real good team, it may be the best that we faced this year but i mean, she certainly wasn't looking and pitching like she typically does. >> he doesn't think there was a "sports illustrated" jinx. and he doesn't think that media distractions affected her pitching back in philadelphia, the courtyard at city hall was packed with dragons fans. mayor nutter hosted the party for the second time last night. mo'ne davis' grandmother told us she is certain taney will beat chicago tonight. our coverage continues coming up in half an hour, nbc10's
and tioga in north philadelphia at 1:30, police say the driver of a chevy impala crossed into the southbound lanes and slammed into the ambulance. the driver of the car is in critical condition. a patient in the ambulance is in stable condition. none of the medics were seriously hurt. >>> the search is on for a gunman who shot and killed a 30-year-old man who was sittingness suv. it happened in the grays ferry section of philadelphia around 11:15, officers found the victim sitting in the driver seat with two gunshot wounds to his head. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced. the drivers side window was open and shell casings littered the ground around the suv. >> police are talking about a temple student being assaulted on campus as the freshman class was moving in. katherine scott is live in north philadelphia, katherine. >> reporter: well, eva we're lerping about the story, there are different accounts about what happened, here's what we learned so far, for the student we don't know what year they are in, but we have been told they were treated and released in the hospital
. >> philadelphia's favorite little leaguers, had big lost last night. >> but it is not over touched out the way they said it would turn out. dominate bid las vegas, boy, big hitters on that team. they lost eight to one. i still feel good about this team. chris o'connell is live in williamsport, pennsylvania, hi, chris. >> hey, mike. yes, they feel good about this team. i mean, this team is known for, you know, being down, but not out. all season long, seems like every game, they're behind, they come from, you know, the box score last night, yes, they got thumped. but going into the last inning, still three-one, they were still in this. and they may end up facing this las vegas team on saturday, if they win, tonight. but, last night, just too much for the taney dragons. las vegas team celebrating after the win last night, yes, taney had their chances, coming in here, as a hometown favorite, 34,000 fans tow stadium last night, but they couldn't pull out one of their come from behind signature wins. talking with the team, you can't tell they lost last night, just after a win, they don't get too hi
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